Specialty Pharmacy Insights

4 Ways Specialty Pharmacy is Connecting the Healthcare Industry

Did you know that by 2016, 8 out of the top 10 branded pharmaceuticals in the United States will be specialty medications? To help prepare for this continued industry growth, specialty stakeholders are looking at four main components to further ...

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How to Effectively Utilize Data Analytics in Specialty Pharmacy

Manufacturers can become overwhelmed with specialty pharmacy data complexity. Oftentimes, the incompleteness can make the data difficult to use. The most successful approach to data analytics is based on aligning a manufacturer’s specialty pharmacy ...

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Payor Guide to Selecting the Appropriate Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty medications have become a significant factor in drug expenditures, accounting for 30% of total drug spend for the typical commercial plan sponsor in 2012.1 According to recent reports from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of ...

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